Maintenance Management

Know Maintenance means being aware of the maintenance added value and the opportunities to improve. We are experienced in improving concepts and improving shop floor performance.

Substandard maintenance not only leads to high maintenance cost. It is also expressed in loss of Quality (control), loss of production hours (MTBF and MTTR), loss of capacity (low OEE) and invested capital.

Having effective Validation and Calibration programs in place which are related to the Quality Management System (QMS) and the VMP is key. Also procedures for starting up after maintenance and proper reporting on NCs is essential for compliance as well as the collaboration between maintenance, quality and production.

We are capable to manage, set up or improve your maintenance processes, organization and systems (for example SAP PM). We know the concept and how to implement for management and shop floor staff. We know change management and the importance of communication and people guidance/training.